Consulting based on market research

About Us

International Network

For the purpose of strengthening communication with our clients in the Czech Republic, KMG Czech Republic s.r.o. was founded in 2004.
KMG Group is currently a network of independent research and consulting agencies primarily operating in the markets of the Czech Republic and of the Slovak Republic, providing a comprehensive range of services in the field of marketing and social research KMG Group has a long-term stable ownership structure, our capital is purely domestic and it is not connected to any international network. KMG maintains good and close relations with other independent agencies abroad so that it can implement and coordinate large-scale international projects.

Main goals

The main goal of KMG Corporate Group is to provide quality consulting services based on accurate information obtained from market and public opinion poll.
Our ambition is to maximise your return on marketing investment.


Objectivity and impartiality

All facts are evaluated according to objective criteria no matter to whom they may concern.


Our evaluations are in accordance with standards of ESOMAR and national associations.

Client benefits

All our activities aim at client’s positive account balance.


Innovation and observation

We uncover those aspects of reality which used to be hidden.


Each project is implemented in order to meet specific and individual client needs and to adapt to changing conditions.

Understanding business

Our methodological approaches to achieve client goals in the most efficient way.

Our Services

The strength of the KMG Group is a perfect knowledge of local markets (Czech and Slovak) segments. Besides the products and services presented below, the KMG Group provides traditional tailor-made ad hoc survey to meet client needs on both local markets.

Typically used research services are:
  • Market analysis and market segmentation
  • Brand positioning
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Product optimization and testing
  • Pricing strategies and price tests
  • Advertisement monitoring and efficiency measurement
  • Communication strategy development
CATI studio (CATI, CATI online)

Effective telephone survey

Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

Guided discussions with small groups

Individual In-depth Interviews (IDI)

In-depth interviews uncovering respondents’ attitudes with a qualified moderator

Desk Research

Secondary analysis of existing data


The KMG Group has a long-standing relationship with a number of global and research companies and institutions, namely:

KMG Group is currently one of the leading research agencies in the healthcare segment in its local market. KMG provides research services directly or through partnership with global research institutions specialized in the segment.

Throughout its 30-year history, KMG has provided services to a number of well-known companies, some of them have undergone organizational changes (acquisitions and mergers, in particular), however, their brands are still present at local markets and continue to have strong marketing support and they are preferred by customers. KMG has developed many brands a tour local markets with its research services. KMG provides its research services directly or through partnerships with global consulting firms. Thanks to the cooperation with these companies, KMG has been or market for 30 years:

We maximise your return on marketing investment.
Your success is our image.We are here for you, link up with us!